How did Smart Online Accountants Start?

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How did Smart Online Accountants Start?

Clara Wilcox, from The Balance Collective, is a business coach for mothers and fathers returning to work, changing careers and professional development. The Balance Collective features an Inspiring parent each month and last month it was me.

In 2013, as a mother of one at the time, I worked for the Prison Service and was travelling to and from work 2 hours a day. It soon became exhausting with long car journeys, long hours and sleepless nights and I knew I needed a change. I wasn’t quite prepared for quite how big that change would be.

I never imagines being my own boss but I have loved every minute of it. What has surprised me the most is how much I have enjoyed learning and getting to know some amazing clients who are self-employed and hearing their stories. Clara is so right, you need to forget about all those self-employed stereotypes as everyone is so different.

What has been the most challenging thing?

Studying two nights a week was challenging, especially with two children but I am so proud that I persevered and have now qualified as an AAT affiliated member this year.

What next for Laura and Smart Online?

Smart Online Accountants has blossomed in the last 6-12 months for a number of reasons. I have started to work on my brand, get out and network with other like minded business men and women and I am loving it.

I have found my passion and that is helping those who are just starting out, feel daunted by the thought of completing their accounts and providing people with more time on their business and with family.

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